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Par Tien Thinh Vu

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14,99 €

xDiagram application could help you make nice diagram graphic documents or UML documents quickly by keeping lines connected to shapes even when they're moved.

Functions of the application:

+ Support VISIO formats: VSDX, VSDM (Microsoft Visio Format)

+ IMPORT old VISIO formats: VSD, VSS (Import only)

+ Support many other formats: svg, png, jpeg, multi-pages tiff, pdf...

+ Sync document files to iCloud

Smart Line if attached to a shape will automatically change position every time when the main shape is moved, resized.

+ BASIC SHAPE (new):
There are 92 shapes to add to your diagram. You could add/change text to display inside the shape.
Drawing UML activity diagram will be easier using these shapes.

There are 1056 predefined nice images shapes for you to add to your diagram.
Shape types are as following:
- Computer
- Network
- Office
- Life
- Traffic

More than that, there are over 2000 beautiful symbols for you to add to the diagram.

You could add any image file (support file type: gif, jpeg, png, bmp, pict, tiff) to display as an item inside the application.
Image file could be shown in following modes: Stretch / Fit inside bound / Fit outside bound.

The application also allows to DRAG/DROP many image files directly from Finder or pasted image from clipboard to current editing window to add them to the diagram.

By dragging C++ header(*.h) or Java files, folders into the diagram window, the application will auto-generate UML class diagram for you. (Accurate rate: 90%)

Select many items then do right-click mouse to select alignment options as following:
(also allow to auto-align with another objects)
- Left
- Right
- Top
- Bottom
- Center (Horizontal or Vertical)
- Distribute ....

+ OPEN/SAVE to "*.UMD3" file:
UMD3 (*.umd3) is the new file type created only for this application.
Press “Cmd + S" to save current diagram to an UMD3 file so that you could load it later for editing.

Press "Cmd + E" to export current diagram to an image file with format of VSDX, SVG, PDF, TIFF or PNG or JPEG.

Press "Cmd + P" to print current document.

Press "Cmd + 4" or click on Capture button to export current diagram image to clipboard, then you could paste that image to another application.

Example: Open [Preview] application, press "Cmd + N" to paste above captured image to view or to save to an image file.
Of course, you could paste that image to Excel, Word application too.

Other functions:
- Unlimited Undo/Redo (shortcut key: Cmd-Z / Shift-Cmd-Z)
- Copy / Paste (shortcut key: Cmd-C / Cmd-V)
- Duplicate select items (shortcut key: Cmd-D)
- Group / Ungroup Items (shortcut key: Cmd-G / Shift-Cmd-G)
- Lock/Unlock items position (shortcut key: Cmd-L / Shift-Cmd-L)
- Rotate left, rotate right (shortcut key: Cmd-J / Cmd-K)
- Press Cmd+T to move, resize group of items temporary
- Short cut key CMD+B, CMD+I to change text to Bold or Italic
- User could drag right mouse on a current shape to create a new attached object with line
- Double click on the canvas to create a new text box item
- Allow to switch current select object to another shape type
- Allow to change selected items display order
- Scale size of select items
- Path boolean operations supported
- Flip select items
- Shadow supported
- Snap to Grid
- Auto Align with another object when resize or move
- Change display order
- Export to png, jpeg, tiff, pdf image file (shortcut key: Cmd-E)
- Print supported (shortcut key: Cmd-P)
- Customizable color / Font / Size / Line Type
- Support gradient fill to shapes
- Customize measure unit and scale (point, cm, mm, inch….)
- Allow to Export image in 300dpi
- Allow user to select items then save them to Favorites list to reuse later

14,99 €

Notes de version

27/04/2019 | Version : 4.4 | Taille : 59,0 MB
- Fix bugs
- Improve UI of "More Shapes" dialog
- Press shortcut key 'F' to edit shape's path, points
- Add more text-align setting
- Add 'Merge layers' function

Previous updates:
- Support multi-languages: English, Deutsch, Français, 日本語, 한국어, Español, Português, Čeština, Dansk, Suomi, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Русский, Svenska, ไทย, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, 中文(中国), 中文(台灣)
- Improve print dialog (add Detail controls to print dialog)
- Support Darkmode in macOS 10.14
- Allow users to copy/paste selected layer
- Add Decimal Precision setting
- Add more arrow types (architectural ticks....)
- Support sync to iCloud
- Import from Visio's VSDX, VSD, VSS format
- Import export SVG
- Import multi-pages tiff format
- Add Thumbnail view

18/12/2013 | Version : 1.9 | Taille : 32,9 MB
- Fix bugs
- Add Flip, Rotate, Scale function
- CMD-D to doublicate select items
- Improve “More Shapes” dialog
- Add more shape objects
- Add arc, curve line object
- Add Zoom-in Zoom-out short-cut keys
- to start edit text of an item, user could press SPACE or ENTER key
- Improve Help function by adding status-hint text label on the bottom of drawing windows
- Improve group function: can group in multi level

31/07/2013 | Version : 1.8 | Taille : 32,6 MB
- support rotate
- add more shape
- add Custom Shape object
- add table, polyline, freehand objects
- allow user to save selected item into "Saved block" to reuse later
- auto-recovery if the application was closed unexpectedly
- improve Help function
- add Crop image function
- fix bugs


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#52 : Top des Applications Mac Payantes [Graphisme et design]

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Développeurs , Productivité , Graphisme et design

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