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Par Valt Inc.

Valt Visual Password Manager is a new approach to password management. With Valt you get the security of locking your data behind a truly random master password without the hassle of having to memorize one. Valt will make sure you never forget or lose a password. Let Valt help you organize and protect your digital life by making it easier than ever to keep your passwords at your fingertips. An elegant solution for keeping your data protected with impenetrable security.

No need to invent and remember a random password for maximum security - we do that for you and then train you on images that represent your password. Your visual memory will do all the work for you!
- AES-265 bit encryption keeps your passwords secure
- Valt never has your encryption key, only you can unlock your Valt to access your passwords
- No need to remember your master password, we translated it into images, which only you know

- Seamlessly save passwords as you use them and store them in your encrypted mobile password Valt
- Never type another password with Valt auto populating passwords in Safari
- Create new, super secure passwords with a built-in, customizable password manager
- Download the Valt Chrome extension to get auto saving and password filling in Chrome browser

- Use iCloud to sync passwords between your app and Mac for free!
- Keep all of your passwords in one simple, safe, organized location
- Have your passwords at your fingertips wherever you go

Valt Visual Password Manager is free to use. Check back regularly for updates!

We love hearing from you! Contact us at with any feedback you might have.
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Notes de version

02/11/2017 | Version : 1.1.3 | Taille : 28,9 MB
- Have you ever needed to quickly text a password to a friend or family member? Valt can now help you with that! Simply open your Valt, select the password you need to share, the method you'd like to use and you're done! No need to remember it yourself or waste time typing numbers, letters and symbols.

21/09/2017 | Version : 1.0 | Taille : 27,0 MB

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