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Par Jeff Maynard

The complete planner and guide for travel and leisure on the River Thames (from its source to the sea) including where you can go, how you get there and what’s on the way - includes these key features:

Thames Map and Guide:
•Interactive River Map: self-contained - no internet connection needed
•Journey Planner: time and distance between any two of 102 river points
•Locks: need to know detail on every lock
•Bridges: headway in metres and feet
•River draft (clearance under your keel)
•Weather for selected locations
•Current river conditions (non-tidal and tidal)

Boating Advice:
•Rules for the River
•Preventing Problems
•Emergency Help and Guidance (RNLI approved)

INTERACTIVE RIVER MAP: use +- to zoom to the required level of detail. Add any combination of locks, moorings, boatyards, fuel, marinas, pubs, restaurants, lodgings, sanitation, fishing and/or bridges; tapping any icon pops up further details including phone number, post code, maximum stay etc (where available). The interactive map is built-in to the App so you do not need an Internet connection to see where you are and facilities near you (PLEASE NOTE: this means a large download - please be patient, it’s worth it!).

JOURNEY PLANNER: select a starting point and destination from the supplied list of 102 landmarks (including locks, marinas, moorings, bridges and places of interest (from Lechlade to the Thames Barrier) and immediately see the sailing distance, direction (up or downstream), sailing time (at 5 mph and at 3 mph) and the number of locks to transit to complete your journey.

LOCK FEATURES: every Thames lock is listed in order from Cricklade Bridge to Teddington with distance to next lock both up and downstream. Touch any lock to see much more information including: telephone number; post code; lock type; width, drop and length; lock keeper’s hours; facilities available (such as WC, water, pump out etc). From the lock detail just tap to put this lock in the middle of the interactive map.

BRIDGE HEADWAY: every bridge listed in order with headway in feet and metres; bridge headways are colour coded for ease of use and instant check to see if you need to lower any masts.
All the above features are built-in so are available even without an Internet connection.

WEATHER: select one of 20 location on the river for an up-to-date weather forecast for today and tomorrow (includes temperature, winds, humidity, visibility, sunrise and sunset). Requires an Internet connection. The weather page includes the current nautical twilight (the correct time to strike your ensign).

CURRENT RIVER CONDITIONS: for safer river use always verify the current official conditions before setting off; non-tidal conditions are provided by the Environment Agency (the River Thames authority) and categorised as Red, Yellow or Green – tap to view an explanation of the colours. Tidal conditions are provided by the Port of London Authority. Require an Internet connection.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: River Thames Guide includes an SOS section with information, endorsed by the RNLI, on how to deal with various problems including: Man Overboard; Boat Sinking; Boat on Fire; Boat Drifting. NOTE: these sections should be studied before embarking so that you can react properly to any emergency. Better still: take an appropriate course before using the river.

HELP: tips on using River Thames Guide to help plan your journey, find somewhere to eat or stay, using the map, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: this app is also available for your iPhone, iPad and iPod: please search for 'River Thames Guide' in iTunes.

Notes de version

10/01/2018 | Version : 18.01 | Taille : 557,7 MB
Improved reliability of River Condition reporting
Made River Conditions display more mobile friendly
River Conditions now display in 'river order'
Tide predictions display more mobile friendly
Added a Journey Planner for the Wey Navigation
Added a lock 'timeline' for the Wey Navigation
River highlighter now on permanently
Current speed (if available) shown on map header
Selected overalys in map 'facilities' now highlighted
Tidied up some Wey Navigation overlays
Tapping 'Show on map' now highlights the selected item
Changed weather forecast source for better performance
Added weather for selected Wey locations
Added 'back to top' button on pages with long lists
Fixed an issue where some popups auto-scrolled off the screen
Glossary items that are extra long now wrap correctly
Added some Glossary items
Under the hood improvements

21/09/2017 | Version : 17.071 | Taille : 153,4 MB
Added River Wey and its features and facilities
Added loads more pubs on or close to the river
Added option to display Thames Path on map
Reduced the app load time to help with older devices timing out
Moved 'Facilites' popup to centre of screen for easier use
Improved the display of the river when tapping the 'highlighter'
Reduced image sizes (without losing quality) for faster loading
Differentiate between water tap and water hose at locks
Fixed an issue where the map would not scroll when showing user's location

03/06/2017 | Version : 17.051 | Taille : 283,6 MB
Added EA 'Priority' and 'Top 10 Priority' lock markers
Added EA 'quick dial' codes in Conditions
Simplified display of current conditions (for the non-tidal river)
Changed weather display popup for easire reading
Separate Advice section for sound signals
Added Flag Signals to Advice section
Improved the display of large popups
Improved some navigation; enhanced GUI
Fixed a bug that stopped some About info displaying on some devices


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