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Par Cheol An Jung

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Pomy is a desktop widget-style app designed to diminish eye strain by reminding you how long to focus on-screen and when to take a break.

Pomy is inspired by the 20-20-20 rule by optometrists.
• Working on-screen for 20 minutes,
• Look away at something that 20ft (6m) away for 20 seconds.

Simply it's a Pomodoro, focus timer that lets you focus on your work for 20mins and give yourself a break to prevent eye strain from being on-screen for long.

It might look small but jam-packed with features.

• Simple and minimalistic design.
• Frameless design that blends in and non-intrusive on your desktop workspace.
• No hassle with timer customisation. The timer's already set to optimal under the '20-20-20 rule' recommended by optometrists.
• Reminder to take a break. (Yes, you can still escape the reminder if you have to.)
• Notifies when 5 mins left to prevent any surprises.
• Computer Sleep and Resume recognition added so Pomy runs and stops automatically according to your computer status.
• 'Always-on-top' feature if you'd like to keep the timer visible above all windows.
• Colour themes
• Customise theme with your own HEX colours.
• Keyboard shortcuts to control Pomy quicker - SPACE to run / stop OR ESC to stop.
• Pomy counts how many times you've successfully focused. (It's like a score.)


Notes de version

02/05/2019 | Version : 1.2.14 | Taille : 53,3 MB
• Fixed the issue that the minimised timer window sometimes doesn't come to the front while the break screen is running.

01/04/2019 | Version : 1.2.12 | Taille : 53,3 MB
• Minor performance improvement.

19/02/2019 | Version : 1.1.2 | Taille : 72,5 MB
• Made the frame translucent to suit the new window title bar on macOS 10.14 Mojave.
• Added a 'Hide Dock Icon' feature, which is accessible from the menu bar.
• Fixed the issue that Space key doesn't start the timer.
• Made the timer text slightly bold for better visibility.

Captures d'écran Mac OSX :

Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX


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