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Télécharger is the Work OS that powers teams to run processes, projects, and everyday work their way.

Make your shared workspace and join 100,000+ teams who get more done, together!

Why choose

Teamwork Game Changers
keep everyone in the loop with real-time updates
contact the right people ( call or @mention)
see how your works fit into the big picture
sync with your favorite tools
quick setup & adoption

Manage for Success
know where things stand at a glance
Track time and progress
Visually analyze your data with multiple views
Assign owners with ease
See who's working on what

Productivity Hacks
prioritize with custom notifications
Automate repetitive work
Access your work anytime, anywhere
Ger a headstart with pre-made templates
Sync data in real-time
invite teammate to view your progress

Customize your workflow
Pick a template & edit any section
Add everything that needs to get done
Organize it ( Drap & drop) and get started.
... it's that easy

Questions? We're here to help!
Access customer support 24/7!


Notes de version

03/07/2020 | Version : 1.0.1 | Taille : 105,3 MB
Our desktop app is now smoother, faster, redesigned, more stable, and much more secure!

What's New:
- Smoother and faster experience
- Improved design
- Top bar with refresh, back, and forward buttons
- Reopens at the previous page
- More stable and secure
- Fixed login issues
- Fixed white blank page issues
- Fixed refresh issues
- Fixed zoom issues
- Fixed exit from full-screen bug
- Fixed board scroll issues

28/02/2020 | Version : 0.1.55 | Taille : 48,3 MB
- Clear local storage in logout
- Bug fixes and improvements

29/03/2019 | Version : 0.1.54 | Taille : 52,7 MB
Bug fixes:
- App white screen when the app is loaded.

Captures d'écran Mac OSX :

Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX


Économie et entreprise , Productivité , Affaires , Productivité

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Prix : Gratuit
Plate-forme : Mac OS
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Prix : Gratuit
Plate-forme : iPhone/iPad
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