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For a decade Mimeo Photos produced beautiful printed photobooks, cards, and calendars for Apple. Today, we proudly continue to deliver the very same exceptional products helping you celebrate the moments in your life.

Join our creative director and world-renowned photographer, Nigel Barker, as well as the over 500,000 Apple users around the globe who rely on Mimeo Photos to capture stories for a lifetime.

Get 20% off your first order as a welcoming gift.

Tens of thousands of creatives in over 140 countries, 9,000 cities, and counting already use Mimeo Photos to create stunning photo projects. Join them today.

Like more than 100k others, take advantage of our Conversion Tool to continue editing an existing Apple Photo project with Mimeo Photos.

• Themes: Choose from 50+ theme options including your well-known Apple favorites
• Layouts: Achieve balance by placing photos in preset layouts, or shuffle a set of photos using the “Rearrange Layout” button
• Backgrounds: Perfectly complement any image with solid or patterned backgrounds
• Borders: Make any photo pop by simply adding a border
• Round Trip Editing: Apply edits, adjustments, and filters to any photo directly within the app’s designer

Tell your story one volume at a time. Choose from multiple square and landscape photobook options to showcase your best shots.

Mark each month and date with the moments that matter most. Photo calendars are available in year and EXTENDED YEAR FORMATS (UP TO 24 MONTHS).

Personalize cards for any occasion. Begin penning your custom message with photo cards available in more than a dozen layout options.

We believe every photo project should be of premium quality. Mimeo Photos offers identical templates, product sizes, and themes as Apple’s initial offering. Your unboxing experience will be as beautiful as your photo project creation process.

• Full integration with the Apple Photos app
• Retains all the functionality you’re used to with Apple Photos
• Access Apple’s design tools and filters from within a project using our Round Trip Editing tool
• Create projects using your favorite past Apple themes
• Convert your past Apple Photos projects to Mimeo ones using the “Conversion” button

Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest in photography stories, tips, and news: @MimeoPhotos


Notes de version

23/09/2019 | Version : 3.7.1 | Taille : 110,3 MB
In 3.7.1 we are thrilled to bring you PDF export WITHOUT WATERMARKS! Simply select “Export PDF” from the save menu to proof your project or share the proof with family, colleagues, and clients. That’s all there is to it...

Starting with Mimeo Photos v3.7, you can browse your entire project library all at once using project thumbnails! Reviewing and finding your photo projects just got easier using the thumbnail preview. Now, when looking through your projects in Apple Photos, you will see a beautifully rendered preview of your photobooks, cards, and calendars.
We’ve also made some improvements under the hood to help with your layouts. Pages now display a thin dashed blue line to show where the safe margin is. Additionally, removing images from a page is easier than ever. Simply drag the image off the page into the surrounding area and click the red trash icon.

Other changes include numerous minor improvements. As always, thank you to all who have given us feedback! If you're enjoying using Mimeo Photos, please leave us a review in the App Store!

06/08/2019 | Version : 3.6.1 | Taille : 110,2 MB
Mimeo Photos v3.6.1 now offers the ability to instantly shuffle a page's layout. Simply click the “Rearrange Layout” option at the bottom of the “Layout” panel. This feature will cycle through possible configurations based on the number of images you have on the page to find the perfect fit.

This update also adds the ability to export PDFs directly from the “Save” menu. Simply click the arrow in the “Save” menu and select “Export PDF” from the options.

Other improvements include the display of thumbnail previews during asset validation as well as numerous minor improvements.

03/07/2019 | Version : 3.6 | Taille : 110,2 MB
Mimeo Photos v3.6 includes a subtle, yet incredibly handy, feature, for perfectly setting your images on a project page. To the left of the zoom slider, you will see the new "Fit To Frame" option. This tool provides single-click ability to ensure all of the important content in your image is displayed in your layout. This update also includes numerous minor improvements.


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