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GIFable - GIF Screen Recorder

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Par jonathan wilson

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2,99 €

Gifable is a super-simple screen recording tool that makes GIFs for you in seconds.

• Click the Gifable icon in your menu bar, select record
• Click and drag your mouse over the area you would like to record
• Recording starts automatically!
• Click the Gifable icon, then stop recording, to stop the recording
• Saves to your Pictures folder

• Blogs
• Tutorials
• Sharing with colleagues or friends
• Social Media

• Currently records at 12 fps
• Shows a preview of the gif when recording is finished
• Ability to copy the gif to your clipboard for easy copy and paste
• Quickly locate the file you created with a find in finder button
• Help menu to show you how to use Gifable

2,99 €

Notes de version

16/12/2017 | Version : 2.0 | Taille : 6,8 MB
• Keyboard shortcuts! You can now use "cmd + shift + 5" to take and stop a recording.
• We have also added a help menu to make sure it is clear how to use Gifable.
• Fixed a bug: when using Gifable with multiple monitors.
• Improved the "copy to clip" button so that it pastes into more apps.

02/12/2017 | Version : 1.3 | Taille : 4,2 MB
New preview of the gif when you finish recording. Also, you can copy your new gif to the clipboard and find it in your Pictures folder with one click!

30/10/2017 | Version : 1.2 | Taille : 1,1 MB
Tweaks and fixes to make the app as good as it can be.

Captures d'écran Mac OSX :

Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX


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