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Par Rainer Killinger

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"Das Deutschlandradio" offers you three popular audio streams from the Deutschlandradio public broadcasting station in an easy to use app.

The app is visible only in the menu bar in the top area of your screen. A left click on the icon lets you tune into one of the three different radio stations, a right click immediately mutes the application.

The color of the app icon changes depending on the station you choose. So it's easy for you to directly see the playing station.

If you hear something you find interesting, you can get more information about the currently playing program with a left click on the icon. It's also possible to show the change of the current track/program via a notification.

Have fun listening to Deutschlandradio!

Note: This is not an official application of Deutschlandradio! All audio content is provided by Deutschlandradio.


Notes de version

20/04/2019 | Version : 1.2.2 | Taille : 1,5 MB
Fixed a problem that caused the App to not open under macOS 10.10 and 10.11 systems.
Thanks for reporting this issue !

29/07/2017 | Version : 1.1 | Taille : 938,6 KB
Thanks for the positive feedback!
In return I added the recording feature.
The iOS version of this app is called "Das Deutschlandradio Mobile".

And I fixed a few bugs for you:
"Dark mode" works again.
Stopping a stream now cuts the network connection completely.

07/01/2016 | Version : 1.0 | Taille : 858,7 KB

Captures d'écran Mac OSX :

Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX Captures d'écran Mac OSX


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