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Budget Badger: Expense Tracker

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Par Bay Wolf Studios (Bay Wolf Studios LLC)

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Budget Badger - Budgeting as Easy as ABC
• Add the money you have now
• Budget it into envelopes
• Cover the unexpected

Budget Badger is an envelope style personal budget planner and expense tracker that helps you stick to a budget and reduce stress.

Key Features
• Envelope style budgeting - uses a proven method to reduce debt and help you manage your personal expenses
• Multi-platform - available on all the platforms that you and your family use
• No subscription fees - never pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to budget again
• Easy to start and continue using - designed to be user friendly so that you can focus on budgeting
• Calculator - all number fields have an advanced calculation engine that computes your input
• Private and secure - all data is stored only on your device and in your personal Dropbox so your data stays safe
• Choice of currency - localized currency options that work for your country

Pro Features - unlocked with a one time fee
• Cloud Sync - everything is securely shared between all of your devices with Dropbox
• Reporting - gain insights into your spending with multiple reports
• Edit in data grid - quickly edit your budget, transactions, accounts, and payees right in the grid on tablets and desktops


Notes de version

10/01/2020 | Version : 1.6.13 | Taille : 35,5 MB
• Fixed bug that could cause the app to crash at startup

Visit BudgetBadger.io to learn more

13/11/2019 | Version : 1.5.6 | Taille : 29,6 MB
• Fixed issue when attempting to view a delete envelope
• Fixed issue with dates being cutoff on the New Transaction and Report pages

Visit BudgetBadger.io to learn more

24/09/2019 | Version : 1.5.3 | Taille : 29,6 MB
• Edit directly in the data grid on tablets and desktop (Budget Badger Pro)
• Performance improvements
• Fixed text alignment in entry
• Fixed case where debt envelope not deleted when account deleted
• Fixed a crash due to an underlying data issue
• Fixed refreshing some data when editing
• Fix localization not being updated on settings
• Fixed sort order of budget selection screen
• Fixed rounding issues with quick budget
• Fixed verification on save budget

Visit BudgetBadger.io to learn more

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