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Monde Géographie - Jeu de quiz

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Par Martin Tomas

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Monde Géographie est un jeu de quiz qui vous aidera à apprendre tout ce qui concerne les pays - cartes, drapeaux, capitales, la population, la religion, la langue, la monnaie et bien plus encore. Ce jeu-questionnaire vous aidera à apprendre tout ce qui concerne la géographie de manière simple et agréable.

Caractéristiques du Monde Géographie - Jeu de quiz:
● 6000 des questions x 4 difficultés
● Plus de 2000 images différentes
● 400 pays différents, des régions et des îles
● Formez vos faiblesses après chaque match
● classements dans le monde, Encyclopédie

26 options de quiz différents:
● Trouver sur la carte
● Capitale
● Drapeau
● Population
● Frontière nationale
● Religion
● Emblème
● Langue
● Monnaie
● Point le plus élevé Nom
● Point culminant
● Superficie
● Capitale sur la carte
● Population de la capitale
● Chef d'état
● Nom local
● PIB nominal
● PIB PPA par habitant
● Âge médian
● Espérance de vie
● Religion en %
● Densité de population
● Terres Arables
● l'espérance de scolarisation
● Taux de natalité
● Devise nationale

Monde Géographie - Jeu de quiz est disponible dans les langues:
● Čeština
● Deutsch
● English
● Español
● Français
● Magyar
● Indonesia
● Italiano
● Nederlands
● Polski
● Português
● Română
● Slovenčina
● Svenska
● Türkçe
● Ελληνικά
● Pусский


Notes de version

24/09/2019 | Version : 1.5 | Taille : 55,6 MB
● The game is now available in Slovenian language.
● 10 new territories have been added.
● New topics are available for the Islands category: Border Outline, Population, Area Size, Highest Point, Highest Point Name, Population Density and Capital on Map.
● You can now find your success rate (% of right answers) in "Achievements>World Traveler" in brackets under "Total: XXX".
● Some of the topics in Quests are now grouped together. It was made to avoid a long series of monotonous questions. For example, previously it was "200 right answers in Flag", now it is "200 right answers in Flag, Emblem, Country Motto".
● All Head of State are now up to date.
● Data on Population, Capital Population, GDP Nominal, GDP PPP per Capita, Median Age, Life Expectancy, and Fertility have been updated. The source of GDP Nominal and GDP PPP per Capita has changed from Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Some changes are quite significant. For example, GDP Nominal of Venezuela decreased from 236.4 billion USD per year (since the last update) to 76.5 billion USD per year in 2019.
● Functionality of "X" button on difficulty 4 has changed from "Skip the question" to "Clear all". Name of the button has changed to "Clear".
● Translations of some Mottos were improved. Although the quality of translations is much better now, they still can contain some mistakes (even official translations of some Mottos are often very inconsistent). If you find any mistake, please let me know, it is a nightmare to manage them in all languages =).
● Some Local Names were added. Also now only full names of countries are used as the Local Names (e.g. United States to United States of America).
● A Website with articles, interesting facts, and Forum is currently under construction.
● A lot of minor bugs, technical issues, and grammar mistakes have been fixed.
● Geographical name of Swaziland was changed to Eswatini for all languages.
● The Highest Point of the Federated States of Micronesia was changed from Dolohmwar to Nahnalaud.
● The Capital City of Burundi has changed from Bujumbura to Gitega. Gitega is located in the center of the country, approximately in 62 km from Bujumbura. It was the seat of the Kingdom of Burundi until its abolition in 1966. In December 2018, Burundian president Pierre Nkurunziza announced that he would follow on a 2007 promise to return Gitega its former political capital status, with Bujumbura remaining as economical capital and center of commerce. A vote in the Parliament of Burundi made the change official on 16 January 2019, with all branches of government expected to move in over three years.
● A new game about Geography of Europe with regions, cities, photos, rivers, mountains, and much more is almost finished. It will be translated into 20 European languages. Over 5000 images are already drawn (800 regions, 600 cities, 200 rivers, 200 mountains, and much more).

11/02/2019 | Version : 1.4 | Taille : 52,2 MB
New languages: Korean, Hebrew, Bulgarian
16 new territories added
Heads of State updated
Minor bug fixes/improvements.

05/01/2018 | Version : 1.3 | Taille : 49,9 MB
Minor bug fixes/improvements.


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