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Habitus: Challenges & Habits

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Inspired by Matt Cutts @ TED Talk: https://youtu.be/UNP03fDSj1U (3 min video)

*** A fun and practical approach to changing and living your life. ***

- Build New Habits / 30 Day Challenges
A great way to try something new, different, healthy or build a new habit.
It is believed that we need approximately 30 days to build a new habit.

- Challenges Ideas
* Quit smoking
* Quit alcohol
* Take 1 photo for 30 days
* Take cold showers for 30 days
* Meditate for 30 days
* Wake up early for 30 days
* No television for 30 days
* Read/study for 30 days
* Daily affirmations for 30 days
* Body stretching for 30 days
* …and many more. You can create custom challenges, as well.

Your challenge is not on the list? Then create a custom challenge.

- Find Motivation
Start a challenge alone or with your friend/s.
You can always read about other people experience with a challenge.
You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people which will help you grow.

- Friends & Accountability
Start the 30 days challenge with one or more friends.
By working day by day on a challenge, you will motivate them to keep on going, and they will do the same for you.
Consider it like a bet or a race between you and your friend/s.


* Find inspiration and inspire others
Don’t just look for inspiration but try to be the one who inspires others.

* Find like-minded people interested in starting the same challenge
Starting a challenge with a friend has much more benefits, but it’s hard to find a friend interested in the same challenge as you.
Inside the Habitus app, you can visit any challenge and see the list of users who are interested in starting a challenge.

* Publish photos, stories, experiences
Share your daily experience, before & after photos and stories with other users, which can comment and clap your posts.
The posts can be public – all users can see it, private – only you can see it, or posted in a challenge where only the members of the challenge can see it.

* (Make New) Friends
Easy to share your daily progress with your friends, and later review your progress. All your photos, stories and experiences with a challenge will be in one place.
You can interact with other users, ask questions, make friends.
Find new friends interested in self-development.

* Track progress
Mark your daily progress on a calendar-like view. Make new posts (photos, screenshots).
Review and learn from your experience or share it with your friends.

* Real-time chat
Interact with other users.
Make new friends.

* Custom challenges
You can create any challenge that you want and invite your friends to join.

* Challenges ideas
We’re adding new challenges weekly and other users will share their ideas, too.
You’ll never run out of challenges.

* FREE / No ads / No payments
Why? Ads and payments are annoying.
This app and concept helped me improve my life. If it helps few more people, then it’s already a WIN for all of us.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn


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