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Day One journal + mémoire

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Par Bloom Built Inc (Bloom Built, LLC)

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Depuis les événements uniques dans une vie jusqu'aux petits instants quotidiens, l'élégante interface de Day One fait de la tenue du journal de votre vie un plaisir simple. Capturez la vie telle que vous la vivez.

Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter la nouvelle génération de l'app de tenue de journal Day One. La version 2 est une nouvelle app entièrement conçue pour vous offrir une excellente expérience d'écriture et de saisie des moments de votre vie.

Ce qui change :

- Plusieurs photos par entrée (jusqu'à dix photos en ligne)
- Plusieurs journaux (jusqu'à dix journaux aux couleurs et aux noms uniques)
- Day One Sync 2.0 (Voir pour plus d'informations.)
- Affichage de carte
- Rappels personnalisés
- Gestion des entrées (sélectionner, déplacer, identifier et supprimer plusieurs entrées à tout moment)
- Filtres de calendrier (étoiles, étiquettes, emplacement, année, activité et musique)
- Support horaire
- Touche 3D
- Sauvegardes locales et exportables

Autres paramètres :

- Verrouillage de mot de passe avec Touch ID
- Métadonnées automatiques (emplacement, météo, activité physique, comptage de pas et musique)
- App Apple Watch
- Recherche
- Étiquettes et étoiles
- Exporter vers PDF avec des filtres intelligents
- Extension du jour
- Partage d'extension
- Exporter vers PDF et texte brut


Day One 2.0 :
Day One Sync :



Also available from Day One:

- Unlimited journals

Day One Premium is an auto-renewing subscription. Your subscription is automatically renewed if it is not canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions are managed in App Store Account Settings.


Terms of Use:

Pour une assistance technique ou d'autres demandes, envoyez un e-mail à :


Notes de version

10/01/2020 | Version : 4.4.1 | Taille : 121,7 MB
4.4.1 Fixed broken button on upgrade page

4.4 New:
• Shortcuts - We’ve rebuilt the Day One Shortcuts integration to include new actions for Create, Append, Find, Open, and Show. With new optional parameters for multiple images, template, tags, date, and location. (video and audio support coming soon)
• Custom App Icons - Now you can select from a variety of icon colors and styles

4.4 Updated/Improved:
• Search and Filter now on main screen to make searching and filtering your memories easier
• Added option in new entry menu to open new entry in a new window (iPadOS)
• Share extension now allows you to upload up to 30 media files, and improves the processing time
• Updated multi-entry view for dark mode
• Email to journal can now be found on main Settings screen

4.4 Fixed:
• Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when opening from notifications
• Various bug fixes and UI updates to keep your experience with Day One golden
• Fixed ability to create new entry from Icon menu
• All Templates now shown in the Template Menu regardless of what journal you are in

14/12/2019 | Version : 4.3 | Taille : 119,7 MB
• PDF files can be added to Day One entries! Via content menu, share ext., or drag/drop into entry
• Scan documents (or written journal entries) as PDFs using the in-app scanner camera
• Streaks - view streaks for each journal (link in Journal Drawer)
• Multi-window Support for iPadOS 13 - Tap the multi-window button to open entries in a new window
• Assign tags and a journal to Templates (Settings > Templates > Edit Template > Advanced)
• Template “Next” button above keyboard to jump to next Template section, or list item
• Writing duration now saved to entry metadata. (Shared to Apple Health Mindful Minutes if enabled in Day One Settings > Apple Health)
• Support for Low Data Mode and Low Power Mode. Full resolution media will not sync if low power mode is enabled while on cellular, or if low data mode is enabled. Full resolution media will be downloaded when opened.
• On This Day previews with no media now include text summary

• Activity Feed launch performance - Location History should appear instantly
• Added advanced sync preferences to disable sync and remove encryption key
• More detailed sync status in Settings
• Launch Screen updated for Dark Mode
• Tags have been re-added to the Entry Content Menu
• Share Extension is now limited to 10 items. This will help improve reliability when sharing large media files to Day One
• VoiceOver/Voice Control labels have been updated
• Improved Media Timeline filter buttons
• Reorganized journal editor
• Settings and Templates use new modal style
• Book Printing wizard in Dark Mode

13/11/2019 | Version : 4.2.3 | Taille : 119,4 MB
• Fixed an issue that could cause some attachments to fail to upload or download correctly.

---- From 4.2.2 ----
• Drawing UI using PencilKit

• Template order is now sortable
• Pause Sync for 24 hours button (Sync Status Page)
• Dark Mode options for System, and custom schedule
• Dark Mode interface improvements
• Audio duration shown in Timeline preview
• Open On This Day entry will switch to All Entries
• On This Day filter applied when opening entry in On This Day
• Previous/Next day step buttons added to Day and Date filter bar
• Improved drag and drop on iPad when adding photos
• Auto enable Sync when upgraded to Premium
• Auto create Day One account using Apple ID if no account exists
• Entry code block/code span font now SF Mono
• Paste media now shows metadata prompt
• Tap on Activity Feed thumbnails to menu
• Long-press on Activity Feed thumbnails to see larger preview
• Activity Feed Calendar event notes included when creating an entry


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