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A multiplayer online sandbox survival game,All you need to do in the game is to think of ways to keep yourself alive.
This is not an easy task. You have to make decisions, allocate your time reasonably, find food, collect materials, build camps, learn knowledge,
Make equipment and explore all kinds of ruins before the end of the world... In the process, your enemies may be hungry, exhausted, hordes of zombies, mutant animals, bad weather...
But the biggest threat may come from other survivors. This is a challenging world.

Although all knowledge can be learned in the game, the knowledge selection when creating a character is still very important. If you want to play alone, you can choose according to your preferences. If you are playing with a few friends, it is best not to repeat the selection of a certain knowledge, and to ensure that at least one person chooses "Leader."
After entering the game, you can walk around and get acquainted with the environment. At the same time, collect the wood, stones, and wild fruits encountered on the road. The monsters near the point of birth are not very powerful, but it is better to kill zombies in the early stage because the zombie has the ability to drop equipment.

◆Camp construction◆
Once you have enough material, you can build a temporary camp. The camp is best built in a place rich in resources to facilitate the collection of materials. When building the camp, remember to protect your territory with a fence and you can go in and out through the door. Otherwise your camp is at risk of being taken away by other players. At least one hut is needed in the camp. After the camp is completed, you can sleep in the hut so that you can be reborn in the camp after you die. At this point, you have already settled down in the game. Is it easy? Next, based on the camp, let's explore this world. If you want to camp elsewhere, repeat the above steps. You can also share camps with your trusted friends. The way is simple. Add his name to the territory.
Construction can increase the level of knowledge “Architecture”. When “Architecture” reaches Level 3, the wooden box will be unlocked and can be used to store items. It is best to place the item in the wooden box of the camp to avoid the loss of the character’s death.

◆Ruins exploration◆
There are many relics in the game world
Relics are very important. Knowledge books are mainly found in ruins.
There are usually many monsters in the ruins, and sometimes there will be high-strength bosses, single exploration is very difficult, it is best to explore with more than one players.

◆Equipment crafting◆
You can make equipment on the workbench, and you also need to learn the corresponding knowledge, such as learning the knowledge of "knife production" to make all kinds of knives.
The building "workbench" for making equipment can be built by you or it can be built by others, but the prerequisite for using it is that you can move around this building.

◆Other tips◆
1. When you go offline for a long time, you should ensure that you are in good condition and go to sleep in the log house.
2. The more you move to the northwest, the richer the resources, the more danger you will face.
3、When it's snowing, if you suffer cold damage, remember to move to the grass (yellow-green surface)
4、It's best to call a few friends and play together. Cooperating with each other will greatly increase your chances of survival.
5. When there is a lack of rationality, many attributes will be reduced. It is best not to wander in the wild at this time. Playboys can be used to restore reason, or to sleep in a log cabin with the same effect

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08/05/2018 | Version : 1.0 | Taille : 85,9 MB

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Jeux , Aventure , Jeux de rôle

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