Style de vie,


Par HungrySeacow Prix : 14,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
YummySoup! est un puissant outil d'organisation et de partage de recettes de cuisine, qui vous perme...

Copyright Creativity

Par Michael Elliot Byczek Prix : 0,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Copyright Creativity is a guide to the United States copyright application process with a multimedia...


Par Jesse Lauro Prix : Gratuit Plateform : Mac OS
Un feu magnifique pour enlever les frimas de l'hiver! Lorsque vous lancez l'application, un feu arde...


Par Line Thirteen Prix : 4,49 € Plateform : Mac OS
There are lots of ways to get things done. With OneThingToday you simply assign a single task or pro...

POI Organizer

Par Merchon Cottrell Prix : 16,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
POI Organizer is an application designed to collect and manage “Points of Interest” for download to ...


Par Outer Level Prix : 26,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Plan, journal, and relive your greatest adventures. Plan the ultimate family vacation, your next b...


Par Synium Software GmbH Prix : 26,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
★★★★★ SUMMER SALE! 50% DISCOUNT ON ALL SYNIUM PRODUCTS UNTIL AUGUST 13th ★★★★★ With Chronories, you...

Audiobook Builder

Par Splasm Software, Inc. Prix : 5,49 € Plateform : Mac OS
Audiobook Builder makes it easy to turn your audio CDs and files into audiobooks for your iPhone, iP...

Noise Machine

Par Prix : 4,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Noise Machine is a white noise and soundscape generator designed to help you block out workplace noi...


Par Kenzo Yamaguchi Prix : 2,29 € Plateform : Mac OS
Minutes is a simple, colorful timer. It gently reminds you of meaningful moments, like walking your ...

NounStar Language Study - Desktop Edition

Par Goruk Prix : 8,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
NounStar is a really fun and effective way to introduce your mind to a brand new language! ¡NounSt...

Date Calculator

Par RSAC Software Prix : 8,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
The Date Calculator is a date utility for genealogists. You can enter any date and convert it betwee...

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