Montessori Crosswords - Apprends 300 mots anglais en t'amusant !

Par L'Escapadou Prix : 3,49 € Plateform : Mac OS
Jeu entièrement en anglais permettant d'apprendre 300 mots anglais et leurs orthographe à partir d'i...

Cube X Words

Par Raul Ignacio Verano Prix : 4,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
** Cube X Words is FREE until the 1st of July!!!** Cube X Words is a fast-paced word game that put...

Words Scramble

Par George Balla Prix : 2,29 € Plateform : Mac OS
Challenge yourself or play with your kids - they’ll have fun playing Word Scramble while they learn...

Word Unscrambler

Par Audama Software, Inc. Prix : 2,29 € Plateform : Mac OS
Quickly solve anagram, word scramble/jumble or crossword puzzles! This utility can be used with gam...


Par D.R.Thorsrud Prix : 2,69 € Plateform : Mac OS
If you consider yourself a word game pro, this game will deliver exciting, new challenges. The time...

Black Ink - Crossword App

Par Red Sweater Software Prix : 27,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Solve Crossword Puzzles With Style: Everything you need to download, solve, and print puzzles. Blac...

Crossword Twist

Par Kristanix Games Prix : 8,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Play Crosswords on your Mac! Get three fun and unique Crossword games in one! These are the three ga...

Guess The Phrase! Gold

Par Kristanix Games Prix : 8,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Can you guess the hidden phrase? Link letters into words to reveal parts of the phrase. Solve diffe...

Word Solitaire

Par Candywriter, LLC Prix : 4,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
☀ WORD SOLITAIRE has arrived in stunning high definition for the Mac! Look northwards and to the s...


Par Kevin Ng Prix : 5,49 € Plateform : Mac OS
Reached #1 Word Game in the US, UK, Canada and Australia! Create words as the letters fall down an...
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