Dice Fight

Par ZEDA INC. Prix : 5,49 € Plateform : Mac OS
If you like YAHTZEE™, you'll definitely like Dice Fight! FAVORITE DICE GAME Enjoy the most popula...


Par Prime Numeral Enterprises Prix : 4,49 € Plateform : Mac OS
Enter a dice or other mathematical expression and view distribution graphs, statistics (mode, median...


Par baKno Games Prix : Gratuit Plateform : Mac OS
Serez-vous le premier à poser toutes vos pièces sur la table pour gagner ? Amusez-vous sans limite a...

Dice Roll Lite

Par Lorenzo Biffoli Prix : Gratuit Plateform : Mac OS
Dice Roll is an application that allows you to make random rolls with d2, d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, ...

Dot Matrix

Par Pandamonia LLC Prix : 0,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Dot Matrix is a game that takes a spin on a classic game by introducing a dice roll. The game begins...

ArtDeco Backgammon 3D

Par Ludo Digital Pty Ltd Prix : 0,49 € Plateform : Mac OS
The best 3D backgammon game on the AppStore. ArtDeco Backgammon 3D brings you Backgammon in visuall...


Par William Jockusch Prix : 0,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
**** DOES NOT PRESENTLY WORK IN LION **** Does work in Snow Leopard (and, as far as I know, in earl...

My Craps Game

Par Digital Showcase LLC Prix : 9,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
My Craps Game is a non-gambling, simulation software to learn and practice the game of Craps as play...

Backgammon Premium

Par WildCard Classics Inc Prix : 1,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Play the #1 Backgammon game on the App Store! The top Backgammon for the iPhone and iPad is now avai...

Dice App

Par JA-Tech Consulting, LLC Prix : 1,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
The Dice App is an easy to use application that lets you roll random numbers using d2, d3, d4, d6, d...

Maxi Dice Gold

Par Kristanix Games Prix : 8,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Enjoy two great Yahtzee games in one! In Maxi Dice, you can play both normal Yatzy, and the more str...


Par Byterun Prix : 3,99 € Plateform : Mac OS
Narde is the backgammon variant with extended game duration and more strategy-oriented positions. Ga...
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