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Super Penguins Madagascar

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Par Chinh Dao Mai

The objective of this game is to push the boxes to the designated locations/goals.
Once all goals have boxes the level has been completed.
There are 30 levels to choose from Easy to Hard difficulty and will keep you occupied for a long time
In order to move the boxes, you have to use arrow keys to move in the respective location

When the player pushes the boxes these basic rules apply.
- Carry every box to goal by pushing.
- You can push just one box at a time.
- Thus, that must be simple, but profound.
- Player can never pull a box (only push).

Thus, that must be simple, but profound.

You should consider deeply to move the box, otherwise you might end up getting stack.
The box you've moved could interfere with the other boxes.

The sense of accomplishment due to solving tough level is like feeling of unraveling a tangled thread.

Unexpectedly, many players want to play again even if they got tired once.
Additional levels coming one after another, so you can enjoy eternally.

- Good for enjoying in spare time.
- Good for brain training.
- Good for developing kids aptitude.
- Good for preventing dementia.

Notes de version

21/09/2017 | Version : 1.0 | Taille : 12,7 MB

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Divertissement , Jeux , Enseignement , Casse-tête

Appareils pris en charge : Mac OS

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