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iMuscle 2

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Par, LLC (


NOTE: Not compatible with Macbook Pro (2008) or earlier due to graphics card limitations.
It is currently not possible to share workouts or personal data between Android and Apple devices. Cross platform compatibility is something we will be working towards in the future.


"The iMuscle app has the benefit of teaching you more about the muscles that help your body move."
--- ZDnet

"Anyone into sports training or rehabilitation science will immediately see the usefulness of this app."
--- Tuaw

"iMuscle is a high-quality, professional-grade, but user-friendly app that will help users not just work out, but do so with maximum effectiveness and minimal injury. For personal or professional use, this is a fantastic fitness tool."
--- Apptudes

"iMuscle is a sophisticated workout aid."
--- App of the Day

"iMuscle is a great option for learning to exercise and stretch specific muscles in your body."
--- Lifehacker

"iMuscle allows everyone from fitness junkies to work-out novices to create and maintain a personalized exercise program tailored to their specific needs."
--- 148 Apps


iMuscle 2 provides users with the ability to zoom into an area on our 3D human body and tap on a muscle to reveal exercises and stretches targeted to the development and/or rehabilitation of that specific muscle. Once identified, just add it to a workout. The app also features our unique animations which provide direction on how to properly perform each exercise. In addition to individual users, iMuscle 2 was designed with multiple users in mind, making it ideal for fitness instructors and physiotherapists to use with their clients.


⁃Rotate and zoom-in to our real 3D model with the musculature exposed to reveal superficial and many deep muscles.
- Slick new interface with easy to find workout and exercise areas featuring animated exercise icons.
⁃Over 650 high-quality 3D animated exercises and stretches for both gym and home users.
-Click muscles to find exercises associated with that muscle.
⁃Search for exercises by type, area worked or equipment used.
⁃Add customized exercises to the app database.
⁃Easily create workouts with our drag & drop feature -- with automatic prompts for set, rep and weight details.
⁃Share workouts with friends, workout partners or clients via e-mail.
⁃Sync workouts between multiple devices by backing up and restoring from iCloud.
⁃Easily track your body measurements.
⁃Track statistics for entire workouts or individual exercises.
- Share your progress via e-mail, Facebook & Twitter.
⁃50+ Present workouts.
⁃Hints and tips for every exercise.
⁃Add an unlimited amount of users.


1. To work on a particular body area, zoom into the area on our 3D model. Click on a muscle you want to work on and a thumbnail list of all the exercises associate with that muscle will be presented.

2. Select an exercise and you'll be shown an animated 3D model performing that exercise. You'll also see a written detailed description of how to perform the exercises. Primary and secondary muscles targeted will also be highlighted.

3. Add the exercise to a workout.

Enjoy your workout!


We take pride in our apps at 3D4Medical and continually strive to engage with our customers. We are committed to our upgrading and developing our apps and invite you to share in the development process with us. Please send recommendations and feedback to:

Notes de version

12/07/2017 | Version : 3.9.7 | Taille : 263,6 MB
Latest macOS compatibility has been added.

08/12/2014 | Version : 3.9.6 | Taille : 262,0 MB
Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility

29/09/2014 | Version : 3.9.5 | Taille : 262,2 MB
Home exercises Pack has been added.


Catégories :
#6 : Top des Applications Mac Payantes [Forme et santé]
#7 : Top des Applications Mac Rentables [Forme et santé]

Captures d'écran Mac OSX :

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Forme et santé , Sports

Appareils pris en charge : Mac OS

Commentaires et évaluations pour iMuscle 2

Super appli ! (3.9.6)
17/01/2015 18:17:00 4/5 Par aginer13
Application très complète autant en information qu’en interaction mais je mettrai la 5ème étoile lorsqu’elle sera disponible en francais !

Pb compatibilité MAVERICK (3.0.1)
14/11/2013 18:01:00 1/5 Par Le4cdlapatate
Visiblement un pob de compatibilité avec OS X Maverick. Depuis la mise à jour cette app, pourtant très utile, ne fonctionne plus correctement. Je ne peux plus éditer mon programme car les exercices ne s »’affichent plus, et elle plante tout le temps. Merci de corriger EDIT: le compteur ne fonctionne plus, il est mal calibré… trouvais les minutes bien longues…je vais l’abandonner cette appli. JE DECONSEILLE

super bien (3.0.1)
19/10/2013 00:05:00 4/5 Par doc19537
Marche tres bien sur mon mac mini en 10.8.5. Très ludique et complet. Vivement une version française.

Rembourser (3.0.1)
13/09/2013 14:08:00 1/5 Par Cholley.h
Bonjour, cette appli ne fonctionne pas.. je clique pour la démarrer mais rien ne se passe… Merci de me rembourser ! Cordialement Cholley.h

Trés utile, mais perfectible. (1.2)
21/01/2013 16:37:00 3/5 Par Le4cdlapatate
Application utile aux fans de musculation, la création des programmes et le suivi en temps réel des exercices est appréciable. Surtout pour ceux qui travaillent à la maison (maintien de la motivation pour les débutants). Pour ceux qui s'intéressent à l'anatomie c'est top comme le reste des productions de l'éditeur. Nécessite d'avoir des notions en musculation ou une aide extérieure afin de créer des programmes cohérents. Je mettrai une 4ème étoile quand les temps de repos (qui seront programmés pour chaque exercice à l'instar du nb de série et les poids) seront automatiquement décomptés à la fin de chaque série par un clic sur "done". Une 5ème étoile quand le bouton "done" et le reste de l'appli sera traduit en français.

Crash every 2 minutes (1.0)
19/12/2012 13:45:00 1/5 Par FTP Users
Not a good application yet, not designed for computers, looks like an iPad app. Crash all the time, and not in HD, very bad with a retina display.

Great app, as usual ! (1.0)
07/12/2012 21:40:00 4/5 Par manofwealth
iMuscle has great graphics, smooth movement when it comes to executing the different moves and routines, but it crashes a lot. And I think you should add routines by default in the app, for those who know nothing about this and want to start working out and trying the app right away. The fact of having to make your own routines and work-outs is good when you know your way around the different work-outs. One can get lost easily between all the dumbells and barbells etc. So yeah, bottom line is : app is great overall, maybe consider adding work-out routines by default and still let the user make his own. Worth 5 starts but only if the crashing comes to an end :)

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