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Par Bradley Furnish

Cellar is the missing sound assistant for OS X. Cellar will capture and organize your library of sound effects, beats and loops.

Built for editors, sound designers, musicians, podcasters, producers and sound professionals, you will spend less time managing media and more time creating. When you need a sound, simply pull it up in Cellar and drag it into your favorite audio application.


— Fast Sound Retrieval —
Stop digging through endless folders to pull up that perfect sound. Cellar’s blazing fast search will find the sound you need. Any descriptions or metadata you enter will come up in the search.

— Quick Audition —
When you’re looking for inspiration, quickly audition all of your sounds and use the visual waveform to seek to the right spot. Not the sound you want? Tap through your library while the sounds keep playing until you find what you're looking for.

— Effortless Organization —
Sort your sounds into Collections and apply Tags. Your library becomes sortable and searchable without spending massive amounts of time editing metadata.

– X-Ray Vision –
Cellar will capture any Artist, Album or Description tags stored in your audio files. That information becomes instantly searchable and sortable.

— Your Files, Managed —
Capture all of your audio files into one place. You have the flexibility of letting Cellar handle all of your files, or you can leave all of your files in place and Cellar will serve as your librarian.

— Drag and Drop Spotting —
Once you’ve found the sound you need, you can get it into your cut with a simple drag and drop.

— Compatible —
You can use Cellar alongside any audio or video editing application that supports drag and drop import and editing.

Have a question or want to see a feature in an upcoming version of Cellar? Reach us here:

Twitter: @SteadfastThings
Email: hello@steadfastthings.com

Notes de version

09/02/2017 | Version : 1.2.2 | Taille : 8,0 MB
NEW FEATURE: TouchBar Support
– Touch your waveforms: seek and scrub your audio during playback.
– Play, pause, skip and toggle looping without lifting your hands or memorizing hot keys.
– Start searching with a single tap.

– Fixed a macOS permissions error when consolidating some files.
– Relinking media from the Preferences window will now refresh the offline media in the sound list.
– Fixed the window size not getting saved between launches at random times.
– Other small bug fixes.

15/01/2017 | Version : 1.2.1 | Taille : 8,0 MB
—Version 1.2.1 Update —

This version is a quick bug fix release. It address a bug where changes to Collections and Tags would reset once a second change was made.

—Version 1.2 Update —

Cellar for Mac has undergone a dramatic change under the hood. The underlying audio engine was rebuilt from scratch (in Swift 3 for those keeping score). What that means for this release is Cellar is now more responsive and can handle all kinds of audio metadata and hard to read audio files. Reconceiving the audio engine also allows for much more advanced features in the future. Stay tuned–there’s some great stuff coming.

Please note that Cellar is now only compatible with OS X version 10.11 and up!

New Features:
Multi-channel Waveforms: You can now view multiple channels of audio in the waveform preview.
Waveform Streaming: The waveforms draw as soon as the sound is loaded, so you can start playback immediately.
Pinned Audio: Your sound stays loaded so that you can playback while browsing through your Collections and Tags.
View File Paths: You can now see the full path of the file in the sound list. Control-click the column headers to view this column.

Fixed the "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album" error when deleting files.
Handles files that have the wrong audio file extension.
File reading is now more robust, especially for files with similar metadata.

13/09/2016 | Version : 1.1 | Taille : 5,5 MB
Welcome to the macOS Sierra compatibility release. In addition to the upcoming OS update, there's a bevy of new features and upgrades in this release.

New Features:
– Looping playback just got fancy. You can choose to loop through your entire list of sounds or loop a single sound. There's a new keyboard shortcut to toggle looping too!
– Reveal in Collection: Do you have sound in lots of different Collections? Now you can control-click the sound and jump to that sound in another Collection.
– Control-click a group of selected sounds to add them to a Collection.
– Drag selected sounds onto the sidebar to quickly make a new Collection with those sounds.
– Easily add Tags with drag and drop. You can now drag Tags from the sidebar onto sounds in the sound list or the waveform.
– A brand new status bar at the bottom of the sound list keeps a running count of the sounds in your library, Collection, Tag or filtered search.

– macOS Sierra compatibility.
– Higher contrast waveform.
– The import dialog window now lists valid file types.

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Captures d écran Mac OSX


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