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Share a Song

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Par Volodymyr Samoilenko

Share a Song

The world is not a perfect place. But we try to make it better and Share a Song app is exactly for this.
Have you ever had a situation, when you have found THE BEST SONG EVER and want to share it with your friends, family, beloved ones or with a whole world but there is a problem? How can you do it, if you listen to music, for example on Spotify and your friends on AppleMusic? What happens then? Nothing. You have to start looking manually for the link to the song on google and this makes us tired. We lose that desire to share because it becomes complicated. And that is why a lot of great songs were left alone. Let’s fix this!

We offer you a Share a Song app, that simplifies sharing.
How does it work? Easy ;)

1. Copy link to the song from Spotify or AppleMusic
2. Open ShareSong app
3. Magic Happens
4. Done
5. Be happy and share it

Now you have both links from AppleMusic and Spotify for a song that you want to share.
Congratulations, the world becomes a bit better.

Turn on auto-search feature with the swipe down on the main screen. Now just open Share a Song app and never paste a link again. Every time when you open an app, it will start to search automatically.

Never stop sharing music <3

Notes de version

14/01/2018 | Version : 1.0.1 | Taille : 20,0 MB
Thanks, for using Share a Song. Every update of our Share a Song app includes improvements.

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