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Pitter Patter App

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Par Urban Emu Design, LLC

First ever app to feel your friend's heartbeat, as they feel yours at the same time, through your Apple Watches!

- You can use Pitter Patter to start heartlink sessions, to share heartbeats with your friends, directly from your Apple Watch or your iPhone anywhere, anytime.
- Just watch this demo video to learn more - https://pitterpatterapp.com/pitter-patter-app-video/

- Health and fitness. While you run or exercise, you can heartlink with your far away friends but feel as if you are side-by-side. You can also check up on your elderly or sick family members, and have them feel better as if touching your hand, by feeling each others’ heartbeats.
- And beyond. Feel another’s hug as if they were there to give it in person, while FaceTiming. Experience what your favorite heroine does in the heat of battle, while watching your favorite show. Feel how your opponent's heart rate races, while playing a digital game with someone online. Or get a better read on how your friends feel and react, while hanging out with them in person. The opportunities are endless…
- Pitter Patter is the app to better experience the world with your friends!

- You’ll both see, hear and feel each other’s heartbeats, and how they increase and decrease as you spend time together.
- You can also track the heartbeat history for each heartlink, once you are done.

Just invite anyone with an Apple Watch to heartlink and enjoy.


You and your friend feel each other's pulse, through haptic taps on your Apple Watches as they speed up and slow down to reflect your exact pulses at that time.

See heart rate pulse animations change color, and increase or decrease in speed, as your pulses fluctuate.

Hear chimes as your heartbeats increase or decrease, for a completely connected, “heartlinked" experience.

Pitter Patter integrates with the Health app.

Notes de version

10/05/2018 | Version : 1.0 | Taille : 39,8 MB

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