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Par Joshua Benjamin

Do you wish you could meet your parents when they were your age?
Lifechime empowers you to give that gift to your children and your future children.

Whether you’re expecting or already have a newborn, start capturing your stories today. Lifechime makes recording and preserving family memories fun, meaningful, and easier than ever.

Employing a bank of helpful parenting topics, Lifechime prompts you to take video recordings of yourself answering thoughtful questions about who you are and what you are experiencing during this important stage in life. You’ll capture priceless memories that you can later bond over with your child as they grow up, laughing at the absurdities and feeling the depth of those meaningful moments.

Gain the incredible piece of mind of having these moments preserved. Think of Lifechime as a treasure trove of the most important pieces of your souls, hearts, and minds, so that your children will never be alone, no matters what happens.

Start recording these memories today, so that your child can know you and feel connected to you for their whole life.


- Preserve touching sentiments and develop your skills with Mindful Parenting
- For your child, see you, their parents, when you were younger
- A seldom seen view of waiting for you (the baby) to arrive
- Honest, unfiltered emotion
- A way to capture your goofy side, your sense of humor, things about you that will change over time

• Guided interviews to capture clips of video in response to each question
• Record yourself or your partner
• Save videos to iCloud or your favorite cloud storage providers for safe keeping
• Share selected entries with loved ones when you are ready
• Recordings utilize only 10MB per minute of video

Take a moment for yourself and preserve your love at the same time. Deepen your family connection. Create a gift for your child to cherish on their future birthday. Respond to questions your child wishes they could ask right now.


1. Chime in regularly with what's going on for you
2. Get tips for coming up with what to say
3. Capture whatever is around you, there and then.
4. Repeat throughout pregnancy and the early years
5. The final outcome of this long term journaling is a digital archive of all your captured moments, and a way for your child(ren) to know you better.


For more information please visit the Lifechime webpage at


We encourage feedback and appreciate your reviews.

For any questions, ideas, or proposals please contact

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