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FormAssist is your guide if you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply just want to stay in shape. Our app offers you access to your personal dietitian and/or workout coach wherever you are. You will also gain a higher motivation to come one step closer to reaching your goal by our personalized services. You can sign-up for free of charge and have access to all the standard features of our platform such as; try out our trial diet program and sample workouts. With an active membership of FormAssist partnered Fitness Club’s to one of many form assist partner Fitness Club’s, you can have your diet and workout program tailored for you and be actively monitored and have exclusive access to your training coach over our platform. If you do not have a membership with one of FormAssist partnered Fitness Club’s, we invite you to visit our web site for a list of partners and find out more on our exclusive membership offers which includes private dietary programs and interactive interaction. FormAssist features:Daily Follow-up Assistant Our integrated chat-bot will follow upon your program and answer simple questions you may have. Statistics Section

·Review your weight loss/gain progression
·Review and evaluate your diet and exercise diary
·Review and track your exercise variation, exercise length and pulse
·Review your daily activities and calories burned (based on data collected from your mobile phone) Nutrition Section
· View your dietary program and find other diet plans
·Track your diet with “Take a photo of my meal” function and share it directly with your dietitian Tips on healthy living and different diet preferences based on lifestyles Exercise Section
·View your exercise program and find other programs suitable for yourself ·Do your workouts with interactive video guidance focused on 6 levels; the upper body, lower body, stretching, Pilates and cardio.
·Share a photo of yourself directly with your workout coach/instructor by using the “Selfie” function Contact and Interaction Section

·Exclusive communication with your dietitian or workout coach/instructor over in-app messaging platform
·Chat Bot functionality to interact with your dietitian and coach indirectly. FormAssist Privileges:Form assist aims to provide you with professional assistance and close interaction by working with experts. Your real-world dietitian and workout coach/instructor can set the optimum diet and exercise plan and you can request to change or update your plan directly or indirectly. You can have your dietitian track your progress with “share my meal” function, instead of worrying how well you are following your diet plan and constantly calculating your calorie intake. Your workout schedule will be exclusively planned for you and the exercise moves will be explained and shown just like in the real world fitness clubs. Your workout coach/instructor can monitor your performance and check your pulse remotely

**Pulse rate information is gathered by i watch and information will be taken from i health

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