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Football Manager Mobile 2018

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Par SEGA (Sega America)

Football Manager Mobile va vous suivre partout pour vous permettre de gagner où vous voudrez, quand vous voudrez, avec votre club préféré.

Compatible avec la majorité des smartphones et tablettes, vous pourrez vivre les saisons de FM Mobile à toute allure en vivant une expérience de football authentique, avec tous les meilleurs joueurs et équipes du monde entier.

Vous pourrez vous établir dans 17 pays différents, avec les plus grands championnats européens. Prenez les rênes des équipes les plus fortes du monde.

À vous de décider de vos transferts et de vos tactiques. Le marché des transferts vous attend, vous choisissez qui joue et qui reste sur le banc.

Vous devrez satisfaire les joueurs, la direction et vos fans, et mener votre club à la victoire. Qui sait ! Peut-être qu'un jour, un stade portera votre nom !
Football Manager Mobile 2018 propose de nombreuses nouveautés et fonctionnalités, comme:

Tentez votre chance en Corée du Sud et aux États-Unis, les deux nouvelles ligues sous licence pour cette saison.

Plus de 21 000 joueurs actifs peuvent être utilisés, avec des options personnalisables pour les ligues et les pays. Vos éclaireurs auront du pain sur la planche.

Rôles des joueurs améliorés, nouvelles instructions pour l'équipe et une interface repensée qui correspond à votre vision du football et vous permet de contrôler plus facilement votre équipe.

Des améliorations et des réglages ont permis de faire de l'interface de FM Mobile la plus intuitive de la série.

Vous pourrez plus facilement étudier les forces et les faiblesses de votre équipe, et de nouveaux tableaux de profondeur vous indiqueront comment utiliser au mieux le marché des transferts.

Regardez si votre équipe est de taille face aux légendes avec le mode Les 11 Meilleurs et montez votre équipe de l'année idéale avec vos joueurs.

• Choisissez votre réputation initiale d'entraîneur avant de commencer votre carrière
• Améliorez et développer votre personnel avec des options d'entraînement
• Réclamez un nouveau stade à la direction

Notes de version

19/01/2018 | Version : 9.1.0 | Taille : 989,1 MB
Added link to Squad Depth pop-up from Suggested XI formation in team report
Added text to player profile showing which squad they are in
Encouraged interest in players who are too good for their teams
Fixed Assistant Help text cut-off on coaching badge
Fixed Superstar reputation news item not appearing when unlocked
Fixed allocation of Asian Champions League places
Fixed bug where user would get ban news for players out on loan
Fixed clipped text on match clock
Fixed clubs finding it too easy to escape financial trouble
Fixed competition name duplication on match screens
Fixed various crashes
Fixed cup win graphical news showing club side badge when winning an international tournament
Fixed editor changing order of family/first names in Korean.
Fixed inappropriate happinesses sometimes being triggered
Fixed instances where scout assignment update news returned incorrect number of players found
Fixed issue unlocking Sugar Daddy if nothing else had been unlocked yet
Fixed issue where a player could get in Team of the Year having not played enough
Fixed issue where a player missing a header could have multiple mistakes attributed
Fixed issue where first game at new stadium news item would appear before a match held at a neutral venue
Fixed issue where home screen would wrongly link to MLS Supporters Shield table
Fixed issue where maximum loan limits could sometimes be circumvented
Fixed issue where wage being set to higher than originally offered for teams with large wage budgets
Fixed issues with Korean keyboard input
Fixed long name cut off in stored manager details
Fixed manager history years for MLS and Korea
Fixed missing goals on match overview
Fixed more instances of stalled transfers
Fixed player approaching club but then asking for silly money
Fixed player ratings changing based on scoreline after they've been substituted
Fixed selecting 'Any' displaying as 'Free' in Player Search filters
Fixed sent off opposition player appearing on Shape view
Fixed some issues with high player ratings for no good reason
Fixed some missing status icons on Tactics pitch
Fixed staff name text cut-offs on Club staff overview page
Fixed text over-runs on Player Form page
Fixed issue where renewing contract could reset player time at club causing inappropriate news items
Fixed incorrect display regarding which clubs active in auction
Fixed year listed for trophy win in trophy cabinet
Improved Squad Depth report
Improved accuracy of text offering contract
Improved detection of Korean font width
Improved drag/drop performance
Improved match odds
Improved performance in Player Search
Improved some player personal text
Improved the quality of returned players from 'Bargain Hunter' scouts
Increased diversity of coach specialisations
Linked position buttons on RHS grid of Suggested XI to Squad Depth pop-up
Lowered valuations of players in minor leagues
Made Club Stats person details link to player profiles
Made higher ability players slightly more likely to renew
Made it harder to find space in box when playing two IFs + 2 strikers
Made sure B-teams don't bid in auctions
Made unhappy players at club less likely to affect harmony confidence if players are unimportant
Prevented expensive players signing one year deals
Prevented issue where game could get stuck on black screen if left in the background for ages
Prevented user offering contract to player who already has an agreed transfer
Prevented users being able to reject transfers which met their players release clause in some situations
Reduced frequency of very high scoring matches (especially when Overload is being played consistently)
Stopped players wrongly wanting to move to bigger club when already at a massive one
Toned down Inside Forwards, prevented them getting into ST stratum as much off the ball
Tuned work permit likelihood for players from Rep. of Ireland moving to the UK post-Brexit
Tweaked attacking movement in Original Match Engine
Tweaked prices that scouts deem good value

10/11/2017 | Version : 9.0 | Taille : 990,8 MB


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