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2,69 €

FlightPlan - Pilot's Toolbox

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Par Jeff Cardillo

FlightPlan is a native iPhone/iPod Touch application for both professional and hobbyist pilots. At its core, FlightPlan functions as an aviation calculator by simplifying many common calculations typically performed with an E6B slide rule computer. FlightPlan makes quick work of your number crunching, and is even used by CFIs to quickly check their student's flight and leg calculations (see Leg Calculator feature).

FlightPlan has evolved beyond the core functionality. It now offers many advanced features, including Weight and Balance calculators (with live plot!) for both airplanes and helicopters, live METARs and TAFs, airport data, flex weight calculator, windstar calculator, etc.

FlightPlan will continue to evolve as I incorporate more user requested features. My goal is to make FlightPlan as "all inclusive" as possible, so please let me know if there are features you are looking for that FlightPlan does not already offer.

The development of FlightPlan is greatly influenced by your comments and feedback so drop by the forum or shoot me an email and say hello!

Please visit the dedicated website for lots more screenshots and product walkthroughs.

The current set of features:

- Avgas kilograms and gal (US) conversion
- Avgas kilograms and litres conversion
- Avgas Pounds (lbs) and Gallons
- Avgas Pounds (lbs) and Litres
- Celsius and Fahrenheit
- Feet and Meters
- Gallons (Imperial) and Litres
- Gallons (US) and Litres
- Inches of Mercury to Millibars
- Jet-A1 kilograms and gal (US) conversion
- Jet-A1 kilograms and litres conversion
- Jet A-1 Pounds (lbs) and Gallons
- Jet A-1 Pounds (lbs) and Litres
- Kilograms and Pounds (lbs)
- Kilometers Per Hour and Knots
- Kilometers Per Hour and Mach
- Kilometers and Nautical Miles
- Kilometers and Statute Miles
- Knots and Miles Per Hour
- Latitude/Longitude Formats
- Litres and Gallons (Imperial)
- Litres and Gallons (US)
- Nautical Miles and Statute Miles
- Miles Per Hour and Knots

- Wind Direction and Speed
- Heat Index
- Dewpoint
- Density Altitude
- Pressure Altitude
- Cumuliform Cloud Base
- Temperature from PA and DA
- TAFs

- Climb Gradient to Climb Rate
- Course, Ground Speed, Wind Correction Angle
- Course/Distance from 2 Lat/Lon Coords (GPS or manual entry!)
- Critical Point
- Distance for Descent
- Distance from Time & Ground Speed
- Heading, Ground Speed, Wind Correction Angle
- Leg Calculator
- Minimum Flight Level
- Rate and Radius of Turn
- Rate of Descent
- Required Ground Speed
- Runway Crosswind with Gusts
- True Airspeed, Density Altitude, Pressure Altitude
- Time En-route
- True Airspeed (Rule of Thumb)
- Wind Star
- Airports (AirNav.com)
- Global Airport Data
- Global Navaids
- NOTAMs & TFRs from NIFC

- Bingo Fuel
- Endurance
- Flex Weight Take Off
- Fuel Burn
- Fuel Rate
- Fuel Uplift
- Fuel Volume to Weight
- Fuel Weight to Volume
- Joker Fuel
- Point of No Return

Weight and Balance with Envelope Plot!:
- Small Aircraft
- Medium aircraft
- Helicopters

- Allows users to create links to helpful websites from within FlightPlan. Some useful sites may be specialized local airport and weather data sites for your country!

- Gives users a way to check for any FlightPlan related news right from the software

User Guides:
- Documentation on advanced features of FlightPlan

Notes de version

22/12/2013 | Version : 1.22.7 | Taille : 5,1 MB
- Fixed issue that could cause the weight and balance tool's limits entry not to work on iOS 7

14/09/2012 | Version : 1.22.5 | Taille : 3,2 MB
- Updated METAR and TAF data source so that FlightPlan can grab data again.
- METARs will now grab last 6 hours of data instead of 1.

Captures d'écran iPhone / iPod :

Captures d écran iPhone / iPod


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Commentaires et évaluations pour FlightPlan - Pilot's Toolbox

Complet et pratique (1.7.0)
29/09/2008 00:40:00 4/5 Par Pacificflyer
Probablement l'outil le plus complet niveau calculs et conversions (et n'en déplaise à certains, un ordinateur mécanique genre Jeppesen ça coûte bien plus que 4 euros !).

Nul (1.1.0)
08/08/2008 23:11:00 1/5 Par Mika59
Comment perdre 4 euros?? En achetant ce logiciel, c'est juste un logiciel simple de conversion de donnée, même pas couplé au GPS et les aéroport sont exclusivement américain, donc sans objet pour les vols en Europe.

Du même dev.

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