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120 Film

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Par Tomohiko Sugimoto

Unless 12 shots have been completed, you can not access to each pictures.

- You can take film-looking photos.
- You can not take out pictures unless you take 12 pictures.
- There are various color filters.
- You can choose the waist level with inverted image and the eye level with regular image in the viewfinder.
- You can also make photos in album film-looking or apply color filters.
- Simurate 120 type film which is used in Hasselblad, RolleiFlex, Bronica and so on.
- 12 shooting rythm makes you fun.

- To swipe viewfinder horizontally can select color filters.
- To move slider can adjust the effect of the strength.
- To swipe viewfinder vertically can select film effects.
- Buttons arround the viewfinder.
= Right-upper: Select photo frames.
= Left-upper: Select screen patterns.
= Right-bottom: Select viewfinder. You can choose the waist level which is the inverted image and the eye level which is the normal image in the viewfinder
- Switch front and back camera.
- You can load photos from your photo album with left bottom button. And you can save them after applied filter effects.
- Turn on flash.
- To tap the screen can change the focus position.
- Choose square aspect ratio or rectangle ratio format.
- Timer shooting is available with 3 seconds and 10 seconds.
- You can turn off sound effects.

- In the default setting, when shooted 12 pictures, the sleeve is developed and the picture can be taken out.
- The sleeve can not be displayed until 12 shots are taken.
- You can share each frame from the sleeve, save it, you can also take out sleeve image itself.
- Using the setting icon, you can change the above default behavior as to be able to save photo to library automatically for each shooting.
- And also, you can save the original picture before filtering at the same time of shooting.
- To save or share the image of the sleeve itself, press the bottom sleeve icon and select "Save Image".

- You can select the color of the skin.

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14/02/2018 | Version : 1.0.0 | Taille : 18,3 MB

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